Counter Sniper Guide
Paperback - 36 pages (June 1979)
Paladin Pr; ISBN: 0873640691
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 143,787 ****

The Police Sniper : A Complete Handbook
by Burt Rapp
Paperback (July 1988)
Breakout Productions Inc; ISBN: 0915179776
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 156,616 ****

U.s Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Training Manual
by USMC Development Education Command Staff
Paperback (March 1989)
Desert Pubns; ISBN: 0879470941
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 40,545 ****

This latest edition of the Marine Corps' sniping manual reveals much more about this deadly art than was previously available in the U.S. Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Training Manual. Learn what only the most carefully screened, tested and trained soldiers know about equipment, scopes, ammo, marksmanship, camouflage, moving through terrain, selecting a sniping post, quick-kill methods and much more. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 208 p.
Publisher code: USMC

Sniper/Counter Sniper
by Mark. V. Lonsdale
Paperback (December 1986)
S.T.T.U.; ISBN: 0939235005
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 82,444 *****

Sniper II
by Mark. V. Lonsdale
Paperback (June 1992)
S.T.T.U.; ISBN: 0939235056
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 161,806 *****

Seal Sniper Training Program
Paperback - 320 pages (September 1992)
Paladin Pr; ISBN: 0873646835
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 167,085

The Ultimate Sniper : An Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers
by John L., Major Plaster
Paperback - 464 pages (January 1993)
Paladin Press; ISBN: 0873647041
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 9,431 *****

Advanced Precision Shooting for Combat and Law Enforcement

by Mike R. Lau
Here is an excellent companion volume to John Plasters classic The Ultimate Sniper. Former officer in charge of the Advanced Marksmanship Unit at Ft. Hood, Texas, and now a professional gunsmith, Mike Lau provides a unique perspective on the fundamental and advanced skill areas of the police and military sniper. You will learn about terminal ballistics and characteristics of the great sniping rounds (.308, .223, .50 BMG and 7.62x51mm); uphill and downhill shooting; wind reading, range estimation and sight adjustment; engaging moving targets; managing the log/data book; tactical scenarios; sniper matches; and the favorite rifles and scopes used by the pros. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 360 pp.
Publisher code: MPS

Sniper Training: Fm 23-10
Paperback - 352 pages (May 1995)
Paladin Press; ISBN: 0873648293
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 59,535

With the help of this sniper's bible, the famed U.S. Army snipers killed 1,187 Vietcong in one five-month period. Only 1.37 rounds were expended per kill. An excellent source of info for hunting, target or sniping work, this manual covers camouflage, shooting techniques and positions, map and compass reading and necessary equipment for survival in the field. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, 100 illus., 196 pp.
Publisher code: USA.SNIP.TR

Swat Sniper : Deployment and Control
by T.Jones
Paperback - 80 pages (November 1995)
Paladin Press; ISBN: 0873648560
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 354,863

U.S. Army Special Operations Target Interdiction Course : Sniper Training and Employment
Paperback - 560 pages (September 1999)
Paladin Press; ISBN: 1581600437
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 53,746 *****


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